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50+ Helpful iOS Developer Resources

The tools, websites, apps I currently use to be a more productive iOS developer. Bonus favorite StackOverflow and Reddit posts.

9 min readMar 18, 2021


I published a story on medium 5 years ago as I started my professional iOS developer journey, recommending some tools and resources to become a more productive junior iOS developer (I can’t believe it’s been that long).

First app design I coded in 2016.
The first app I made in 2016!

Fast forward to today, some of the tools I recommended have sadly faded away, or I no longer use them. So, this is my new iOS developer toolkit for all folks developing iOS apps.

Disclaimer: most of the tools and websites are free, but there are a few paid/freemium apps. Also I included an affiliate link for Setapp, I personally sub to it and 100% can recommend.

Design Tools

  • Figma is a free design & collaboration tool. I especially love the plugin support and the ability to write your own. Last, the community tab is full of folks sharing their designs for free (they have a free prototyping app called Mirror)! 🏆
  • SF Symbols are the built-in icons that ship with iOS 13+. Download the mac app to view the various ones available easily. Bonus: GitHub package to easily use them in your app in a type-safe way.
  • Mobbin design is a website full of design inspiration from existing apps on the App Store. They don’t have every app, but a great spot to start looking when looking for inspiration.
  • Undraw is an open-source graphics site. It’s prevalent in the design community, and you’ve probably seen the graphics before. Also, it’s great for onboarding screens too.
  • Feather icons is an open-source icons library. If SF Symbols doesn’t have what you’re looking for, check out these icons!
  • Lottie files is a website full of animations you can add to your app via JSON files and the lottie-ios library.
  • Previewed is a site for creating phone mocks for your app. It’s great for when you need something fast for the AppStore or sharing on…