8 Productivity Chrome Extensions For Developers

These chrome extensions will make you more productive and save you countless hours throughout the day.

4 min readSep 14, 2021



I still use Chrome because it has the best support for browser extensions. In fact, if you know basic HTML and JavaScript, you already know how to create one. All that’s required is to set up your project with a `manifest.json` with various configurations for Chrome and then an HTML file for the UI and a JavaScript file for the business logic.

An easy tutorial to follow along if this interests you is by Traversy Media. He teaches you every step from creating the project to testing and eventually publishing the extension to the store (all in less than 30 minutes).


Now that you have a basic introduction to creating a Chrome extension, here are 8 chrome extensions that will boost your productivity as a developer.

SVG EXport is great for designers and developers to use when they want to use a graphic they found on a site, without figuring out how to get the graphic out of the source code. In addition to SVG, you can also export the graphic and PNG and JPEG format. One of the app's best features is the ability to quickly copy the graphic and paste it straight into Figma, as you can see in an example below.

VisBug is a simple design and debugging tool with many useful actions to inspect the elements of the current page. It’s similar to the developer console but easier to use. I find it far more convenient than to inspect elements, and here are some of my favorite features:

  1. Point, click & tinker
  2. Edit or style any page…