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The tools, websites, apps I currently use to be a more productive iOS developer. Bonus favorite StackOverflow and Reddit posts.

I published a story on medium 5 years ago as I started my professional iOS developer journey, recommending some tools and resources to become a more productive junior iOS developer (I can’t believe it’s been that long).

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How to build a networking client in Swift using Async/Await and integrating it easily with SwiftUI!


Remember two years ago when almost every new project relied on a library for networking else the pyramid of doom would take over? URLSession completion handlers were too clunky, so we used libraries like Alamofire to provide an easy-to-use API for creating requests. …

New SwiftUI modifiers released in iOS 15 unlock the true declarative superpower of SwiftUI and help you build better apps!


At WWDC 2021, the SwiftUI team released a handful of new Viewmodifiers to help developers simplify building their app user interfaces. I will go over five of my top favorite modifiers released with sample code snippets that will help you get started.

If you want even more information on everything…

These chrome extensions will make you more productive and save you countless hours throughout the day.


I still use Chrome because it has the best support for browser extensions. In fact, if you know basic HTML and JavaScript, you already know how to create one. All that’s required is to set up your project with a `manifest.json` …

Combine example with URLSession and assign value to a labels text

Learn Swift’s Combine framework through examples and sample code. A brief intro to publishers, operators, and subscribers.

What is Combine?

In short, Combine enables subscribing to output or values over time with a declarative API. For example, if you’re making a network request to fetch JSON.

Create a new playground and paste the code in to test it out!

Notice how Combine is built into url session, you’ll see it…

I created a vertical scrolling list of cards in React using flexbox and styled-components (beginner introduction with examples).

React list image

I am new to React, CSS and HTML and found it difficult to build this simple vertical list to display cards. My background is in iOS development, and the primary library (UIKit) has built-in components that solve these particular UI-related problems, i.e., ScrollView.

Out of frustration I posted on r/reactjs

A fast way to add a search bar to your SwiftUI app with fuzzy search and NavigationView. (Bonus: becomeFirstResponder)

NavigationView SearchBar Image
NavigationView SearchBar


In the latest version of iOS 15 sdk, you can now use the .searchable(:) modifier to achieve search behavior. Only continue with this article if you need to support iOS 13 and higher!

This year, at the top of the WWDC wish list, is for the SwiftUI team to add…

The Swift code generation tool for colors, images, strings & more!

We all know it’s a hassle to manually type out image and color names after adding them to your asset catalog.

let image = Image("my-cool-image") // Stop doing this 😡

If only there is a way to generate type-safe code that can reference the assets. Well, there is. Use a…

A quick tutorial on how I built out the Tinder swipe animation using SwiftUI.

Do you want to learn how to make the swipe animation similar to Tinder and Bumble in SwiftUI? Here’s a tutorial on how I was able to accomplish it in less than 10 minutes using SwiftUI’s declarative APIs like DragGesture and animating various view modifiers. Follow along below!

Create a…

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